Daily Haiku 1: Smiling Silo

Daily Haiku 1 - Smiling Silo

Daily Haiku #1: Smiling Silo

winding rural roads

giant yellow happy face

smile on, grain silo


Many years ago on a road trip, I want to say going through Ohio, I met a smiling silo. The winding roads of the journey were mostly uneventful and filled with trees, houses, and farms with no discerning features.

As boredom crept in, I found myself doodling in a notebook to pass the time and listening to an audio book while my mother drove. Knowing I was drawing, she told me to look up suddenly.

The view was something else, for sure, and I quickly fumbled to ready my camera to take a photo. A giant silo had been painted bright yellow with two black circles for eyes, and a wide smile.

If that photo still exists somewhere, I don’t know where. What I do know is I drew that silo in my notebook and wrote next to it on the page, “I once met a silo who liked to smile.”

A brief event it may be as I only saw the happiest silo for a moment in time as we drove on, this road trip memory sticks out to me. I hope that somewhere (maybe in Ohio), this silo is still smiling for all who drive by.

Image is from pexels.