Daily Haiku 2: Arch of Cherry Blossoms

Daily Haiku 2 - Arch of Cherry Blossoms

Daily Haiku #2: Arch of Cherry Blossoms

pink cherry blossoms

surround the arch I walk to

I will marry you


I have an inkling this one may be obvious from the poetry itself. This haiku refers to my wedding day, and one of the most treasured moments in my life.

Our wedding theme was cherry blossomsĀ and was inspired by what initially brought us together.

I have always been a big fan of nostalgia, and that includes what goes on in my relationships. I love to think back to good memories, to remember the good old days (though the present ones are just as wonderful), and to reminisce about where we’ve come from.

This loving habit led us to choose a wedding theme that was not just an assortment of pretty colors or an idea from a magazine, but a theme that was already an important part of our growing (blossoming, if I may) relationship.

Our wedding was beautiful and perfect, and this haiku is a very small dedication to that day.

Image is from pexels.