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Short Stories

The Hellhound’s Accord

This story is published at Short Fiction Break as part of their Summer 2017 Writing Contest. The contest required a story of 1,000 words or less based on one of the provided prompts. I chose an urban fantasy prompt (surprise, surprise), and this is the one:

  • You see an otherworldly creature on the way to work. No one else can see it. What do you do?

Head on over to Short Fiction Break to read the Hellhound’s Accord.


Traveling Alpaca Stories

Traveling Alpaca is a project I started in 2010, where I photographed a small plastic alpaca in various places. He’s traveled across the USA and has enjoyed a few out of country experiences, too. This series is 150-word short stories I wrote to accompany some of my favorite travel photos of Al, the Traveling Alpaca.

These are the stories in the Traveling Alpaca Stories series:

Love’s Bounty

The Fright We Create

Seeing Stars

Green Monster (reader favorite!)

If I Was A Maverick


Daily Haiku

In 2016, I had a project where I wrote a haiku every day for 45 days. You can read all the daily haiku from this project here. Here are some of my favorites:

Daily Haiku 16: Dawn Broke, a haiku about the liberation brought on by a new day

Daily Haiku 1: Smiling Silo, a haiku about a road trip where I found a silo who liked to smile

Daily Haiku 13: Lost in Trees, a haiku that is entirely fictional, and inspired by a time I binge watched Naked & Afraid.

Daily Haiku 26: Wet Mouse, a haiku about how my Maltese dog looks like an oversized rat when I give him a bath.

Daily Haiku 32: Phantoms, a haiku about when memories of the past come back to haunt you.

Daily Haiku 2: Arch of Cherry Blossoms, a haiku about my wedding.